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Ways to Dry Up a Wet Carpet

08/05/2014 Back To Blog

Home carpet cleaning is often the way to go when it comes to a dirty carpet. However, if you are utilizing water restoration after applying products with qualities such as stain removal or mold removal, you will be left with rather wet flooring. However, while this will eventually dry, it can at times be a slow process. This can be especially stressful when the rug or mat being cleaned has left a very large part of the flooring exposed. Fortunately there are a few ways in which one can dry a wet carpet, with the first being the easiest, but also the most situational.

Ways to Dry Up a Wet CarpetIf you truly want to have an easy time drying your carpet, you will want to have cleaned it in the morning. That way, come noon-time you can hang the carpet outside where the sun is shining brightly and let nature do its work. It is definitely situational, because if the sun isn’t shining brightly or giving off enough heat, the carpet will not dry any faster. There are also times of the year when this tactic is impossible.

Drying with the Sun is Easy, but Situational

Another method would be to use an electric appliance to help speed up the drying process. An electric fan is the most viable choice, definitely helping the carpet dry out faster than if you had simply left it on its own to dry. However, using a fan can foster any kind of foul odor left in the carpet, which means you will need to use an odor removal product afterward.

There are other methods, but they are mostly variations of the sun and fan drying techniques. Try and be creative, making use of your environment to see if you can speed up the drying process. You can also use dry towels, applying them to the wet carpet now and again so they can absorb the water.

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