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For your carpet cleaning questions, find below, answers that are effective and easy to follow.

What are the disadvantages of wall-to-wall carpets?

Most people get wall-to-wall carpets because they are comfortable and cheap. They are inexpensive because they are made by synthetic and not natural materials. They won't look or feel the same as wool rugs but the worst part is that they won't make your life easy if there's water damage according to the experience of Carpet Cleaning Placentia. Mildew inspection won't be easy since they are glued on the floor and they won't dry easily.

Is it important to inspect carpets for moisture and mold?

Moisture and mildew inspection is not only important but it can save the life of your carpet. If you detect mold at its early stage when it is not expanded yet, mold removal will be easier and the problem will finish there. If you won't search or keep your eyes open when you are doing carpet cleaning for any signs of moisture, the problem will expand and your carpet will be ruined.

Is there a specialized cleaning for oriental rugs?

Yes, Oriental rugs use very delicate fabrics and needs a special cleaning method. Well-maintained Oriental rugs can last long and can be passed on to heirs. This can only be achieved with a professional care service with access to carpet cleaning agents specific for delicate wool and berber rugs. DIY cleaning agents often contain harsh chemicals that can damage natural fibers. In addition, a special drying method is used to prevent mold and mildew to settle on the surface, therefore preserving the overall beauty of the rug.

What color should I choose for carpets?

If you're planning to cover all floors of the house with carpets, choose one color. It will make the house look bigger and prettier. Choose natural shades that will not be disturbing or tiring in the long run. Natural colors in the bedroom will help you sleep better. Take into account the needs for carpet cleaning.

Can water spots cause damage to carpets?

Yes, they can cause serious damage if they are not dried quickly. Mold will grow inside the fibers and work to destroy them. Less often decay can occur as well. If the spots are not very large and you are certain that they have been caused by clean water, you should use a fan or hair dryer on low setting to speed up the drying process.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

Normal carpets that aren't extremely soiled can take from 3 to 6 hours to dry completely. However, many heavier carpets like Berber and shag can take up to two days. Our technicians advise you not to walk on a damp carpet, but when it's absolutely necessary, we suggest you wear shoe coverings to keep from getting it soiled again.

Carpet Cleaning Placentia

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