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Bad-Smelling Pet Poop How Do You Remove It From Carpets

10/21/2013 Back To Blog

One of the nastiest events that can happen to your home's rugs is your pet cat or dog pooping on it.  Well, we all know that pet poop can smell so bad and it can sometimes be very tough to remove too.  However, here are a number of effective home carpet cleaning ideas to consider, so you could easily remove these foul-smelling and bacteria-riddled items from the rugs.Bad-Smelling Pet Poop How Do You Remove It From Carpets

Get Gloves, Dustpan And Brush

The first house carpet cleaning activity for removing pet poop from rugs is to get a pair of rubber gloves, a dustpan and scrubbing brushes. Carefully scrape the majority of the pet poop and place it in a dustpan. Wipe off or remove the remaining poop using damp paper towels.

Spray The Stains

The next residential carpet cleaning step would be to spray the affected area with a laundry stain remover. Next, prepare a bucket of soapy cold water, and using a cloth carefully scrub the affected area . Repeat the process until the area is fully cleaned from the pet poop stains and dirt. You could also utilize a scrubbing brush to do this.

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